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My motto is “simplicity is the key” – I aim to develop a simple but effective message. To do this, I first identify the target audience and then develop strategies to meaningfully communicate with them. If the budget allows, I also develop an in-depth PR concept that suggests novel communication approaches familiar to the customer. For me, a PR concept is like a piece of music in which many instruments harmoniously play together to narrate a story.

manuka.p.r – is an abbreviation derived from my name (manukaspar). Manuka is also a tea tree which grows in New Zealand-Australian and has impressive healing powers. To me it symbolises a harmonious co-existence with nature. To the best of my ability, I try to ensure environmental compatibility and suggest ecological alternatives in my work.

Public relations are not necessarily the same as marketing or advertising. I do not create a need for products, but help you to design your image and effectively communicate your ideas. Your creative involvement is very welcome. Many of my clients have had wonderful ideas and concepts – together we have developed the message that made their proposition stronger. Sometimes, even the outlines of an idea were finalised during discussions.