simplicity is the key

Good public relations are important for opening doors to new opportunities, successfully communicating your message, and promoting your business. My firm offers simple, clear ways of achieving all these. And the key need not be gold plated for opening doors…

My name is Manu Kaspar. I am a freelance journalist, web- and graphic designer. Over the past decade I have assisted start-ups, networks, nonprofit organisations, and small businesses in effectively communicating their message to the target audience. When needed I have coordinated with experts to adapt the message for a wider audience.

My firm provides everything that you need for effective public relations – logo and corporate design, flyers, postcards, website design, press and PR texts, newsletters, social media, concepts and related PR advice and more. Added benefits: by not having to coordinate different aspects you avoid stress, save on time, money and get a coherent, unique corporate identity.

Interested? Call me at 0331-5850740 or send me an email.